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If you have a small amount of money, about $1000, don’t be so quick to get upset – there’s a way out of any situation! Today we’ll tell you how to invest $1000 wisely to get a permanent profit.

Surely you’ll confirm that you have already wondered – how would I make a profit from a small amount? What is better to invest in? Where better to invest money not to lose small savings? But in response you only get the simultaneous nods and questionable expressions of your friends faces. Even if someone knows the secret of investing in a right way, he/she will never admit it! You will be told dozens of possible variants, but no one will tell the truth. This is a financial secret.

You should always start small. Including investing. Therefore, in order to make a profit, it’s necessary to make money work, but not lay on the shelf under the sweaters or between book pages.


Where better to invest your small capital

1)    Open your own business. Even if your capital doesn’t exceed $1000, this is quite enough for a start. To open a business you will need to make a business plan that will cost you nothing at all – all you need is to read the theory: read the literature on your field. The next step is to get a license: the easiest way is to register individual entrepreneurship. It will cost around $40. After that, you will need to think about your advertising company, but this is the last thing after official registrations.



In fact, now the idea of microbusiness is very profitable and promising for those who don’t have large sums. If you start with something small, there is a chance that you will increase your business level over time.


2)    For those who live outside the city or in the countryside, there is an option with farming. Yes, you can make a decent capital due to this way.
Now organic products are in great demand among the cities residents, so the farm can be a good source of income. The main types of business ideas are breeding of chickens, rabbits, geese, cows or sheep. But this is not the whole list.
For example, to implement a business idea for rabbits breeding you will need from $300 for 60 rabbits; approximately $430 to start goat breeding; and 100 purebred chickens will cost $150.


3)    Open a deposit. The most common way among the population is to invest a small amount and receive passive income. How it works – we open a deposit in the bank at interest, replenishing our account monthly. A bank pays a reward in the form of interest for using our cash.

You can open a demand deposit – funds can be withdrawn at any time from the bank; or term deposits, according to which the deposit can be received back at the end of the specified period. They can be both short-term and long-term. There are deposits that allow additional investment of funds.



4)    Invest in yourself. According to Warren Buffet, investing in yourself is the best way to invest your money. The most valuable asset is we ourselves. If we invest in our skills, talents, will improve our knowledge, then our investments will justify themselves in the future and return in the tenfold monetary equivalent.
The most common areas of investment in yourself today are:

·        investments in education: for now, in order to be competitive and earn good money, it is necessary to improve own professional skills and increase your efficiency;

·        health and fitness: training and the correct mode will help you get rid of many problems, as well as improve your physical condition;

·        investment in new experience (tourism, visiting concerts);

·        medicine (dentistry, vision correction).



5)    Buy companies shares. Want to own shares of ownership of a well-known global company? Now the securities of foreign corporations have become available for ordinary citizens.

How to conduct a purchase: Apple Issuer produces securities to the stock exchange, where they are auctioned. Brokers who enter the market trade these stocks. You need to conclude an agreement with a broker who will buy a share for you.

Even if you have up to $1000 in your account, which you decide to invest in a business, you can purchase shares of such companies:

Tesla $333

BMW $82.69

Apple $160.89

Microsoft $103.69

Facebook $133.24

Starbucks $64.06



Is it worth to invest money: only if you are confident in your actions. Before buying, you should consider a strategy and develop a plan; you also need to conduct a full analysis of your asset. Of course, this type of investment is more suitable for advanced investors, but you should not deny yourself the opportunity to become a Tesla shareholder.


6)    Crowdfunding. These are platforms that are engaged in the collective fundraising for any project or charity. There are platforms through which you can make a profit, for example, the international American platform Kickstarter. You can donate any amount $5 or $500. If a project doesn’t collect the required amount of funds before the deadline, then the money is returned to those who donated their money to this idea. But, besides the refund there is another nice surprise, some kind of bonus for sponsors.


We’ll show you on the following examples:

The development team has scheduled the release of the game, the cost of which was $20. If you donate $10, you can download the game before its release; if $20 – an access to a premium account is guaranteed.



Another story was with an iPhone cover made of a piece of iCase aluminum. A rather large amount was collected for the realization of the idea, $85K, but users received a poor-quality product – since aluminum doesn’t transmit a signal well, they received a cellular network silencer.

So first you need to be well acquainted with the project for which you want to donate money, choose an idea that you not just like, but also the product that you would use.


In conclusion, it can be said that investing is not only an occupation for wealthy people who are still looking for a place to drain their money, but also for those who want to earn more and are even is ready to take risks.

If you regularly invest in a particular project or idea, you will soon achieve the growth of your capital and expansion of your investment business. The main thing is to evaluate correctly the perspectives of the chosen idea and invest your money wisely.

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