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Success is what we strive for all our lives. Some people have been looking for unknown formula for years to live in order to become a super successful person. We picked up five films about success and business that will help you look at things from a different angle. Perhaps, there is no any formula?


Wolf of Wall Street, 2014



Simple boy Jordan Belfot gets a job as a broker in the bank. Unfortunately, due to the fall in stocks, the bank closes, and Jordan goes to work in a tiny company that sells stocks. Having an incredible charisma and interpersonal skills, his sales go up, but soon everything changes. The guy meets a neighbor Donnie, and they decide to open their company. Soon the guys assemble a team consisting of Donnie’s friends and start hard bidding. Belfot delays the new life: he takes drugs without getting out of the parties. In addition, there are also problems with the FBI.



Silicon Valley Pirates, 1999



The film is about two genius friends – Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In the eighties, in a small back room, two teenagers began to make a history, inventing some projects. They imagined that someday they would become famous, and everyone would know about them. On the further development of events you already guess – the guys grew up and turn into billionaires who founded Apple and Microsoft.


Boiler Room, 2000



Have you ever thought about global injustice? Why do you earn less than the secretary at Microsoft (the annual salary of the assistant manager at Microsoft ranges from $ 125,000 to 140,000 per year)? Or why can not you gather up a spacious apartment, while others buy their own luxury villas? In this film, they will help you understand the principles of sales and learn all the secrets of a successful business. This picture is a source of cool and interesting quotes that will be useful to you in life.


99 francs, 2007



Exposing the advertising world – this is how you can call this movie in three words. The viewer will be able to learn a lot from this film, starting with marketing secrets and ending with creative in business. This film breaks the stereotype of the bright advertising world, showing the whole truth of reality.


Aviator, 2004



Biographical film about Howard Hughes, who created a giant corporation. Details from his everyday life show that not everything is so rosy in the life of successful and rich people as it is broadcast to us by TV or media. Enemies, problems, fears – Howard Hughes will fight this throughout the film. Heroes will teach you to show character, be strong and patient, and will inspire you to brave deeds.



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