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Real Estate in France

Real Estate in France Buying property in France looks like a very appealing idea. You get a much better deal money-wise than in other European countries, for example UK. And ...

Investing good in real estate in Europe

Investing good in real estate in Europe What cities are the most appealing for real estate investment? What to consider before buying. It was only a couple of years ago ...

Investments in real estate construction

Now, when it feels like a crisis is coming, people begin to “preserve” their savings more actively by all available means. In particular, they invest in real estate in order ...

Investing in real estate – Everything that is essential to know and not to miss in 2019

“Real estate investing is a business and should be run like a business.” Robert Kiyosaki, The Real Book of Real Estate   Today, taking into account the economic and political ...

Good News for Manhattan Apartment-Hunters: Rents Are Down Again

There is a great news for apartment-hunters. The Manhattan flats’ price was cut. The difference is equal to 1.3% compared to last year’s cost. Now if you want to live ...

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