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Сhildren millionaires who earned their first million in childhood

Even experienced businessmen are afraid to dream of being a millionaire. Some people say sarcastically that it’s not even possible for ordinary people to become rich; or they claim through ...

6 startups that almost died, but were able to rise

Startups are a lottery. Some die at their source, some keep afloat, but then shatteringly break, and some can rise from the dead to spite those who did not believe ...

Where Should I Invest Money in 2019?

In this article, you will find out the answer to the most important question – where is the money? Let us analyze profitable investment options and predict potential income. As ...

4 successful last year startups

Startup is one of the foundations where the global economy rests.  The business level of a country can be determined through the number of successful investments in startups. There are ...

Chinese startup Luckin Coffee’s valuation doubles to $2.2 bln

A new financial record in China. One “young” café has obtained unicorn status. Why it is a record? Because it’s the very first startup that reaches a $2.2 billion’s valuation ...

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