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Even experienced businessmen are afraid to dream of being a millionaire. Some people say sarcastically that it’s not even possible for ordinary people to become rich; or they claim through hard experience that life is unfair and only the “favorites” become rich; and the rest are afraid of ambitious plans and dreams. All of them minimize the possibilities to nothing by their own thoughts and attitude.

But in fact, according to statistics, 90% of millionaires in the world earned their capital on their own, and most of them aimed at it from very childhood.

This list will prove you the contrary! Children who already at a young age began to make money due to their hobbies, or began to improve everyday things that they don’t like.


Ryan Kelly, Ryan’s Bakery


Ryan turned his hobby into a successful and profitable business. Having received an investment in size $25 000 from billionaire businesswoman Barbara Corcoran, this boy began to donate part of his income to support pets through STARelief and Pet Assistance platforms. Now he’s 15 y.o. and he owns his own dog bakery.


Evan, EvanTube


With the help of his dad this boy created his YouTube channel when he was 8 – EvanTube, which now brings him $1.3 million a year. The way of his earnings is not complex – the boy just makes reviews of toys and speaks on children’s entertainments and “problems”.


Nick D’Aloisio, Summly


When he was 17, Nick created news application called Summly, which later became interesting for Yahoo, that bought it for $30 million. He began to develop this when he was 12 years. The boy was always interested in new trends of the digital world, so he began to implement his idea in real life.

This service publishes a brief overview of a chosen topic. Summly is a unique application that was recognized as the best program in the App Store.


Fraser Doherty, Super Jam


At 14, the guy decided to sell jam according to his grandmother’s recipe. This jam was incredibly tasty, so it was quickly sold out first among neighbors and relatives, and then rumors about this snack were sent to the masses. Then Fraser borrowed money from his parents and started producing jam.

At 16, Doherty signed a contract with a network of supermarkets Waitrose to supply his jam. And by 19 y.o. he earned $1 000 000.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook


The founder of Facebook began to earn his first money also at school age. In the beginning he created computer games, while mastering programming. At the age of 12 he wrote a messenger program “Zucknet”, which was later used for family communication and, in particular, by his father-dentist. While studying at the university, Zuckerberg continued his inventions, which were helpful in the educational process. But the most sensational creation was the launch of Facebook.

Today, Mark Zuckerberg’s capital is $53.8 billion.


It is not necessary to be a genius child or have superpower, it is enough to have a big dream and try your best to make it come true. Find your stimulus for motivation and conquer new heights!

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