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Competitor Apple Watch: flexible Huami Amazfit X showed on official renders

The cost of such “watches of the future” has not yet been named, but a price increase is possible by analogy with folding smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer Huami at the ...

Fintechs use personalization to deliver sophisticated financial services

Canadian fintech startup proceeds series C round of investments in amount of $35 million backed with Mastercard and Citi Ventures. Flybits uses artificial intelligence algorithms in personalization of banking smart ...

Tesla autopilot has once again proved its effectiveness by preventing an accident

The video appeared on the Web, recorded by a surveillance camera built into a Model 3 car, broadcasting what is happening on the road. Eglon Musk again proved that it ...

25 tech companies listed at new tech-stock trading board in China

Semiconductor materials maker gains 520% raise during first trading session at Chinese tech board. Among 25 stocks presented at Star market, NASDAQ analog in RPC, Anji Microelectronics Technology surged five ...

Google Maps will show up accessible bikes

Google is going to map bike-sharing stations around the world. The advanced feature was available only in New York and after a year of functioning in Big Apple, gave it ...

Tetris Effect desktop version set to release on July 23

Desktop version of enchanting Tetris Effect will come on July 23. A fancy remake of legendary block construction game is set to access Tetris fans’ pcs very soon. Highly anticipated ...

Effective trials of the vegetable-picking robot

The Cambridge University team invented a robot for picking crops. This invention underwent effective trials of reaping iceberg lettuce. The so-called «Vegebot» has been created by investigators on purpose to ...

Google admitted the leakage of voice commands of users

Some of the command entries sent by users to Google’s voice assistant are processed by people. One of Google’s experts violated the data-security policy, which resulted in a data leak. ...

Alexa voice assistant will diagnose British people

The British Government announced the partnership of the British NHS with the American Internet giant Amazon. Starting this week, Аlexa owners in Britain will be able to ask their voice ...

Scientists taught robot to identify objects using touch and sight senses

Every day robots become more like human. Scientists keep creating algorithms, teaching AI sophisticated habits and things, usually your neighbor or school teacher used to do. There is no doubt, ...

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