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Stock market
The quarterly incomes in the bank of Montreal grow gradually

The Bank of Montreal declared 1.3 % climb in a quarterly income. The more distinguished prerequisites for payment losses compensate strength in its capital store business. The fourth-largest banker in ...

Investors play in a waiting game as London outpaces European markets

On Monday, Trump proclaimed a sales contract between China and the U.S. when Beijing gave a positive sign, tranquillizing after a ramp-up in the rhetoric thwarted commercial markets the previous ...

Dollar ends the week with growth against major world currencies

As of 9:40 Moscow time, the euro was worth $ 1.1142 against $ 1.1147 at the close of the last session. In tandem with the Japanese national currency, the single ...

SoftBank sold a part of Alibaba’s shares worth $11B

Japanese grant SoftBank declared a pretax profit in amount of $11B, acquired from selling 73 million American Depository Shares of Chinese e-commerce retailer Alibaba Holding Ltd. The deal announced in ...

HSBC reported 30% growth in earnings

Europe’s no. 1 bank revealed first quarter financial report. HSBC has approved investors’ expectations generating $6.213B profit before tax, which estimates over 30% more, than the same period last year. ...

NVIDIA pays almost $7B for Israeli Ethernet Business

Nvidia stocks raised after acquisition of Israeli Ethernet Business for a «beyond imagination» $6.9 billion sum of transaction.  The deal prompts both Nvidia and Mellanox intention for high performance computing ...

Pinterest sets the price range of its shares in an IPO

According to the company’s prospectus for release, it will sell 75 million securities at a price of $15-17. Thus, Pinterest can receive up to $1.275 billion. On this basis, the ...

Dubai’ biggest bank Emirates NBD purchased a majority stake of Turkish Denizbank

Biggest lender in Dubai and second large in UAE, Emirates NBD revised a deal with Russia’s Sberbank on Turkey’s Denizbank acquisition. Bank to save $400 million under new price of $2.77 ...

Millennials will buy single shares in Tokyo

Third world’s biggest stock market has come up with an interesting decision to attract millennials to the stock world. Tokyo Exchange is changing standardized 100 stock purchase to just one ...

Asian stock goes down. Global market declines

Japan’s index went down more than 3% on Monday, as investors ditched stocks for safer bonds. This brings concern as Hong Kong’s index dropped by 1.6% and US stock market ...

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