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Canadian fintech accelerator opens office in London

The continuous growth of global forex market volumes creates an outlandish opportunity for trading technology innovators. One of such bestower is Kooltra, a Toronto based SaaS developer, provider of cloud ...

SWIFT approves automation standards for FX market

Forex in need for better automation of trading communications and orders executions. Foreign exchange market (forex) operates transactions in 180 currencies between thousands of traders and institutions. It has a ...

Radical change in the work of brokers. How different has it become?

Work of a traditional broker has always been commission and service based rather than price. Over the past 15 years, the number of brokerage service companies has decreased by 25% ...

Forex traders hope for March relief from volatility surges

Volatility is crucial for traders who can extract more profits when prices move wildly. Any negative impact on the dollar due to a pause in the US Federal Reserve interest ...

How Brexit influenced the pound

In December 2015, 1 pound sterling was worth about 1.40 euros. Today that figure is € 1.14. The pound lost about 15% of its value during this time. Most of ...

The Central Bank Turkey extends the pause rate

The Turkish central bank held its stakes at the third meeting in a row, as the weak lira pursues an economy still swaying after the summer currency collapse. The Monetary ...

Euro zealots put pressure on the head of the Central Bank of Poland

According to the head of the National Bank of Poland, euro enthusiasts seeking to force Poland to abandon the zloty and join the single currency area of ​​Europe are probably ...

Banks Suffering Isn’t Over Yet, Wall Street Says With Downgrades

In this year, 16-percent slide in the main U.S. banks was not enough for the analysts that were subjecting this sector to the fresh pummeling. There were unclear expectations for ...

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