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Russian news service is penalized £200,000 by Ofcom

Such alleged violations happened in the prevailing reporting programs within March and April 2018. The research was held in December by the regulator. The fine was called as “disproportionate”. The ...

Libya Restates Oil Production. The Tensions on the Middle East Gulf is Growing

The tensions in Iran have arisen a current influential hazard of the geopolitical character. Due to this accident, all the Revolutionary Guards of Iran announced the invasion into the British ...

Tesla autopilot has once again proved its effectiveness by preventing an accident

The video appeared on the Web, recorded by a surveillance camera built into a Model 3 car, broadcasting what is happening on the road. Eglon Musk again proved that it ...

Black gold shows weak growth

Oil prices were actively rising yesterday due to the growing tension in the Middle East. On the basis of the results of trading on July 22, the price of the ...

Saudi expands oil production

World biggest oil supplier Aramco granted $18bn to contractors for development of two oil fields Marjan and Berri in Saudi Arabia. Investments into state’s oil deposits aimed producer to expand ...

Chinese investment in U.S. startups may drop this year because of tariffs

According to economic report, Chinese companies have invested $3.6 billion in U.S. startups in 2018. This is a record number investment comparing to $2.8 billion in 2015. Trump’s administration has ...

The world demand for gold seen a biggest raise within six years

The World Gold Council reported a huge demand growth for gold in first quarter of 2019. Aiming to diversify from dollar, central banks bought 68 percent more precious metal than ...

Google lets users to set auto-delete option

New feature is now available for Google products. Users may set auto-delete option in order to clear the browsing and geo-locating records. This does not refer to a privacy issue ...

Douyu filed SEC for IPO this year

Chinese live-streaming service Douyu filed a preliminary SEC Form F-1. Popular gaming platform goes for strengthening its market positions in e-sports ecosystem, attract more users and increase monetization efficiency. According ...

Oil prices continue to grow

Oil breaks through 5-months record heating $70 mark. Markets went high on Friday due to CES employment data, that promoted 196,000 new jobs created in March, comparing to 20,000 jobs ...

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