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Johnson & Johnson plans to buy a surgical robotics company

Johnson & Johnson wants to buy Auris with a premium to the assessment from its latest round of financing. This financing has estimated the Californian company at 2 billion dollars. ...

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The book written by Robert Kiyosaki and published in 2000 immediately receives the title of bestseller. Curiously, its popularity has spread both to various financial systems’ participants and to ordinary ...

Wine Investment

Have you ever heard of «Passion Investment»? In fact, you literally invest in your passion. The concept usually includes investment in antiques, art, or intellectual property. The topic of wine investment ...

How Does Fiduciary Management Work?

Fiduciary management is one of the investor’s tools. If you are reading our articles, you know why it is necessary to diversify your investment portfolio. This kind of management can ...


Nowadays, people have everything to achieve financial well-being over several years. You can start your business just in 1 day! Thanks to the Internet, you can work with a team ...

The Most Expensive Watches in 2018: Return on Investments in Watches

Someone invests in stocks, real estate, and someone in accessories. Did you know that the most expensive watches were bought for $25 million? Next, we consider the brands of expensive ...

How to Make Money from Your Cat: Businessmen with Claws

The Internet has provided humankind with a large number of unexpected gifts. It helped people to expand their knowledge, to unite with friends around the world, and … to reveal ...

What do business angels do?

Do you know who the business angels are? There are not a mythical creature, but real people. There are investors who help to implement new high-tech projects. The task of ...

Solar investments: an investment in the future

Do you want to stop giving away huge electricity bills each month? There is nothing easier, just buy solar panels. Experts note that the installation will pay off in a ...

Where to invest $1000 in 2019: smart investing

If you have a small amount of money, about $1000, don’t be so quick to get upset – there’s a way out of any situation! Today we’ll tell you how ...

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