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What is Bitcoin: everything you need to know about Bitcoin in 2019

What is Bitcoin and blockchain network Cryptocurrency wallet Can I pay with Bitcoin? Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Mining pools&farms Can an average person start mining? How much is Bitcoin ...

Cryptocurrency investment portfolio

If you invest money in something, then you already have an investment portfolio. In this article, you will receive practical recommendations on how to create a cryptocurrency investment portfolio that ...

Cryptocurrency rate: the market began a week with growth

On Monday, December 10, all the liquid Cryptocurrencies grew in price. At the same time, the share of Bitcoin per day in the total volume of cryptocurrency increased (+0.3) and ...

SWIFT moves to blockchain platform

Around a dozen of the world’s largest banks have shown interest in the new system. SWIFT is the interbank system for transferring financial information and making payments, which has launched ...

Venezuela will sell oil only for cryptocurrency

From next year, Venezuela will sell oil only for the national cryptocurrency Petro. From 2019, all oil products of Venezuela will be sold only for the national cryptocurrency Petro. President ...

Free Coin cryptocurrency rose in price 18 times

Free Coin, a little-known cryptocurrency earlier, has risen 18 times in the last less than two days, breaking into 40th place in the CoinMarketCap rating. In the last 24 hours, ...

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