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Startup is one of the foundations where the global economy rests.  The business level of a country can be determined through the number of successful investments in startups. There are not so many companies that have achieved heights from scratch, that is why investors need to learn how to predict promising projects by eye, but it’s better to remember what to look for when choosing a potential startup. We selected 4 successful startups of 2017 to figure out how their business models work.


Slack, USA


Industry: Applications

The volume of investments: $250 million

Slack Messenger was created in 2009 for offices’ workers. According to the Financial Times, last year it was recognized as one of the most expensive projects that sell and create software. The project is estimated at 5.1 billion dollars. Last year, this startup attracted $250 million from the Vision Fund of the Japanese SoftBank holding.  At the end of last year, the number of application users soared to 5 million people, and the turnover increased to $1 billion.


Instacart, USA



Industry: Food Delivery Service

The volume of investments: $400 million

At the end of 2017, the total cost of the company Instacart was 3.4 billion dollars.  The product delivery service attracted 400 million dollars. One of the main project investors was the fund Sequoia Capital. This service was created in 2012 in San Francisco and operates only in the United States. With this development, users can choose the desired and necessary product in the stores, and the courier delivers them to the customer within 2 hours. The company’s main competitors are Goog Eggs and Ship services. Last year they attracted investments of $40 million.


 Snapchat, USA


Industry: Communication

The volume of investments: $ 500 million

Snapchat Messenger is a mobile application where received messages are available only for a short time. Snapchat attracted $500 million of investments last year.  NBC Universal has made major investments in this project on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE. Thanks to the trading of Snap Inc. stocks the value of the company exceeded $31.2 billion. The number of users in 2017 exceeds 150 million people, and profits can grow to $1 billion.





Industry: Taxi service

Investment Amount: $405 million

Uber is not a startup, only according to formal criteria, since at that time online taxi services were already big business. Travis Kalanik established the company in 2009.  It has offices in 200 cities and 53 countries. It binds together more than 54 thousand taxi drivers. According to the portal Valleymag, in the most successful week service income exceeds $ 20 million. For 7 years, it received funding from various companies: Bezos Expeditions, Founder Collective, Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs, etc.  In 2018, experts estimated the service at $ 40 billion.


Today, promising and successful startups are not uncommon, regardless of direction and scale. But still in the first place is the IT-sphere. However, taxi services, food delivery and Internet fitting rooms are also gaining popularity. In the United States and Europe eco products began to claim the status of “main trends”.  Thus, The Honest Company, an American eco-care product company, began to attract stars – Jessica Alba became the face of their organization.

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