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Cannabis as an asset for successful trading

Cannabis as an asset for successful trading Global marijuana markets are growing fast. According to data, world cannabis spending reached $ 24 billion in 2019. Moreover, by 2024 the total ...

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Competitor Apple Watch: flexible Huami Amazfit X showed on official renders

The cost of such “watches of the future” has not yet been named, but a price increase is possible by analogy with folding smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer Huami at the ...

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The quarterly incomes in the bank of Montreal grow gradually

The Bank of Montreal declared 1.3 % climb in a quarterly income. The more distinguished prerequisites for payment losses compensate strength in its capital store business. The fourth-largest banker in ...

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Investors play in a waiting game as London outpaces European markets

On Monday, Trump proclaimed a sales contract between China and the U.S. when Beijing gave a positive sign, tranquillizing after a ramp-up in the rhetoric thwarted commercial markets the previous ...

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China does not lose hope about the USA to create negotiation conditions

On Tuesday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reissued about the latest phone calls related to the trade issues in the United States and China. They believed that Washington could stop any ...

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Swine Fever gave rise to shrink by 50% of China’s pig

The agricultural representatives launched the local government bodies’ experimentation to contain such a malady. In the present year, the production of pork is suspected to fall to 25 % since ...

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Genomic Health for $2.8 billion

In accordance with the conditions, Genomic Health shareholders get $27.50 in cash and about $44.50 in the stock of Exact Sciences for a price of $72 per share. Wisconsin Exact ...

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Nissan Production will Cut 12,500 Job Positions

Nissan will decrease its ability to produce. Alongside this, the total amount of car models it produces will be 10% until 2022. However, the company has not announced yet where ...

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Russian news service is penalized £200,000 by Ofcom

Such alleged violations happened in the prevailing reporting programs within March and April 2018. The research was held in December by the regulator. The fine was called as “disproportionate”. The ...

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Boeing has allowed production to stop 737 Max

The head of the company Boeing Dennis Melenberg made the suspension of the production of aircraft Boeing 737 MAX, writes The Wall Street Journal . According to him, the company is going ...

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PrivatBank Eurobonds holders won arbitration in London – media

The trial concerned bonds, which PrivatBank forcibly converted into capital after nationalization in December 2016. Three issues of eurobonds were converted into capital: at $ 175 million at a rate of ...

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Intel’s revenue in the second quarter amounted to 16.5 billion dollars

In addition, during the conference for investors, the chipmaker confirmed the information on the sale of his modem business to Apple. The amount of the transaction will be one billion dollars. During the ...

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Dollar ends the week with growth against major world currencies

As of 9:40 Moscow time, the euro was worth $ 1.1142 against $ 1.1147 at the close of the last session. In tandem with the Japanese national currency, the single ...

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Mitsubishi Reveals Updated Pajero Sport SUV

The updated Mitsubishi Pajero Sport received a design in the style of a restyled pickup L200, with which it is built on a single chassis. The SUV, made in accordance ...

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Tesla’s stock price is falling

According to today`s reports: American automaker Tesla Inc. received a net loss of $408.3 million in the second quarter, according to a press release from the company. Tesla stock quotes ...

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What is Bitcoin: everything you need to know about Bitcoin in 2019

What is Bitcoin and blockchain network Cryptocurrency wallet Can I pay with Bitcoin? Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin Mining pools&farms ...

Cryptocurrency investment portfolio

If you invest money in something, then you already have an investment portfolio. In this article, you will receive practical ...

Cryptocurrency rate: the market began a week with growth

On Monday, December 10, all the liquid Cryptocurrencies grew in price. At the same time, the share of Bitcoin per ...

SWIFT moves to blockchain platform

Around a dozen of the world’s largest banks have shown interest in the new system. SWIFT is the interbank system ...

Venezuela will sell oil only for cryptocurrency

From next year, Venezuela will sell oil only for the national cryptocurrency Petro. From 2019, all oil products of Venezuela ...

Free Coin cryptocurrency rose in price 18 times

Free Coin, a little-known cryptocurrency earlier, has risen 18 times in the last less than two days, breaking into 40th ...

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